Learn about the plant

Loved ones: Droseraceae. Genus of a single type of insectivorous perennial found in bogs in coastal aspects of North and South Carolina. Dionaea muscipula (Venus Take flight Capture) is regarded as the spectacular insectivore in its motion. This carnivorous plant makes use of a lively steel snare mechanism. Induce hair on the inside lobes of the trap must be caused twice in succession (or two several hairs on very same leaf) for the traps to close. Closing of the capture takes place in about 1/30 next in full sunlight. Excellent conditions and gloomy conditions will gradually improve the snare system down considerably. The leaf perishes after catching four pests in succession. Traps triggered by non-prey will re-available within twenty-four hours. Marginally frost hardy, expand in damp, acidic earth completely sunlight. Pinching out emerging floral stems and removing dead traps will promote new traps to grow.

Plant growth conditions

Natural warmth in summer season – lowest 40 F in the winter months. Brightly lit area clear of direct sunlight. Grow in acidic potting mix in a terrarium or maybe in a bog garden.

Continue to keep compost moistened at all times. Lessen irrigating in winter. Misting is needed. Use rainwater.

Plant reproduction

Propagate from seed or leaf cuttings or by the department in the spring season. Sow seed at (50-55 F, 10-13 C) in spring. Place the pot in an average water holder to maintain the planting blend wet. Germination is exceptionally gradual.