Acacia: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction


Learn about the plant

Acacia is a genus of around 1100 varieties deciduous and evergreen bushes, shrubs, and climbers, found in warm to warm-warm areas of Central and South America, Kenya, S. Africa, Polynesia, and Modern Australia. Acacias are distributing, prickly shrubs up to 2-3 m high—little elliptical phyllodes to 3 cm with undulate margins.

Plant growth conditions

Moderate heat. Maintain reasonably unusual in the winter months ( 10C). Give just as much gentle as possible. Expand in soil-dependent planting combine.

Water freely from early spring to the autumn months – sparingly in winter. Misting is not necessary.

Plant reproduction

Take a piece of the stem 3 to 2 inches long in the fall season or sow the seeds at a temperature of 13 to 16 ° C, and the seeding process is done in early spring with mature seeds.

Should you prune an acacia?

The acacia is not going to demand a specific dimension. However, to ensure that stays within the format you like best, allow it to be during its vegetative sleep from November to Mar.

need your attention

Acacia is not very vulnerable to ailments and pesky insects, but its roots need to be watched as they are suckers and create stalks that may show up as much as 5 or 10 m from the mommy plant: this could come to be invasive.