Learn about the plant

Syn. Cooperia. Genus around 70 types of bulbous perennials, seen in grassland from North to South America. Zephyranthes Grandiflora (Zephyr Lily) produces 6 in. rose-stalks during the early summer, each displaying a Crocus-like grow which soon opens up out into a pinkish star 3 in. over. Z. yeast infection (white-colored) is even smaller, but there are numerous big-flowering hybrids. The stalks develop fast, into two-3 days.

Plant growth conditions

The common ambiance in the summer season – a minimum of 50 F in the wintertime. Brightly lit place. Maintain well far from sunlight. Maintain compost moist at all times but never waterlogged. Reduce watering in the winter months. Use delicate, tepid water. Misting is important.

Plant reproduction

Split plant life at repotting time. Sow seed at 55-64 F (13-18 C) the moment ripe