Learn about the plant

Genus of approximately 4-5 varieties of evergreen perennials from S. US, Mexico, and Key The united states. Zebrina is closely related to Tradescantia. However, it is more colorful. The foliage is glistening and multicolored above and crimson listed below. The surface colors might be natural, and gold edged with pinkish, environmentally friendly, and crimson. Zebrina bears pinkish or purplish blossoms in summer and spring. Zebrina is not hard to develop the herb.

Plant growth conditions

Famous heat in summertime – at least 45 F within the wintertime. Brightly lit area clear of direct sunlight. Always keep garden compost moist all the time. Decrease irrigating in the winter months. Misting is necessary.

Plant reproduction

Get come cuttings in the spring season or summertime.