Learn about the plant

Zantedeschia can be a genus of 6 types of perennials, with tuberous rhizomes present in wet soils, swamps, or lake margins in Southern and E. Africa. Zantedeschia bears its white-colored trumpets on 3 ft stalks during the early spring. There are several hybrids in various colors. It requires a real relaxation time in the winter months – lessens irrigating and offers fantastic situations. All parts could cause minor tummy upset if consumed, and contact with the sap may irritate the facial skin.

Plant growth conditions

Typical warmness in summertime – minimal 50F in the winter months.Semi-color or vibrant light-weight. Keep well far from direct sunlight. Expand in the earth-based potting blend. Continue to keep rich compost moist constantly—increase in debris-focused planting combination. Misting is needed for summertime. The relaxation-time period during winter is crucial.

Plant reproduction

Split plant at repotting time. Sow seed at 70-81 F (21-27 C) when ripe