Learn about the plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia views and follows the cycad – Zamia furfuracea or cardboard palm. The varieties title “zamiifolia” implies “with Zamia-like simply leaves”. It is a slow-moving-expanding herb. Giant vegetation can get to 3-4 toes in elevation. The grow stalks’ foundation is enlarged through the come variety dark green, naturally gleaming results in. It deals with low gentle nicely, and also the produce even will grow. Beginning: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Plant growth conditions

Even though the grow does well in decrease light-weight levels, it executes better yet by placing it in brighter light. Retain the herb clear of any hot straight mid-day sunlight as the vegetation can burn. A fantastic, bright filtered morning sunlight is acceptable properly. Don’t allow this to plant sit in water or stay drenched. This plant is much better to maintain around the free of moisture side.

Plant reproduction

Seed products, leaf cuttings while using leaflets. Consider the fallen leaves and put them stalk side down in moistened beach sand or peat moss within a box put into indirect light. The leaves will underlying form a tuber, and inside a year, a new plate will appear. At that point, it must be potted up. You will have beautiful scaled vegetation in a few years.