Learn about the plant

Yucca is a genus of about 40 types of rosette-creating or woody-dependent perennials, evergreen shrubs, and erect, at some point, spreading, evergreen bushes from popular, dry places, including wasteland, dunes, and plains, in North and Main America as well as the WestWest Indies. An adult Yukka is a Bogus Palm. It will desire a more profound, nicely-emptied box that may be moved outdoors in the summertime. In winter, it may need an unheated and well-lit up area.

Plant growth conditions

Common warmth in summertime – minimal 55F during winter. Brightly lit up the place. Give the maximum amount of light-weight as is possible. Keep compost moist always but never waterlogged. Decrease watering in the wintertime. Use soft, tepid drinking water. Misting is not required.

Plant reproduction

Eliminate and container up offsets or underlying cane cuttings in the wintertime. Sow seed in early spring, at 55-64 F (13-18 C) for hardy yuccas, or 66-75 F (19-24 C) for tender versions.