Learn about the plant

Washingtonia is a genus of 2 species of single-stemmed hands from difficult, arid S.W. U.S. and N. Mexico locations. Washingtonia filifera & Washingtonia robusta can be utilized as house plants and flowers. These rapid-developing spectacular hands are grown frequently in Florida, California, as well as the Gulf states. They reach 30 to 80 ft. fan-molded results top tall, and their round crowns in. Clusters of small, rich, and creamy-white blossoms suspend underneath the fronds at the end of spring, and dark berry-like fruits show up in winter. Usually too large for that small back garden, so vegetation them along avenues or boundaries. When younger, it may be cultivated in containers. If potted, h2o freely in the summertime. Eliminate old leaves.

Plant growth conditions

Average warmness. Perfect indirect light is the correct spot. Develop in the dirt-based planting mix. Rich compost needs to be held moistened all the time and never permitted to dry. Misting is necessary.

Plant reproduction

Sow seed at 75 F (24 C) in springtime.