Learn about the plant

Genus of around 250 types of rosette-forming, generally epiphytic perennials, are closely associated with Tillandsia. These people were present in forested and challenging locations in Mexico, Key The USA, the Western Indies, and Latin America. The typical first is Vriesea splendens featuring its all-reddish colored, sword-like blossom-brain. Other kinds usually have more dispersing flower-heads. Some types are developed concerning their leaves.

Plant growth conditions

Typical heat (60F or 18C). Supply as much gentle as possible, but no full sunlight. Grow in epiphytic bromeliad planting mixture. Never overwater, and make sure that there is the right discharge. Maintain the key ‘vase’ filled up with h2o – use rainwater in difficult h2o locations. Misting is essential for summertime.

Plant reproduction

Offsets look in the base of the vegetation. Once the balance is several months old, eliminate it with a few beginnings linked and plant shallowly in Seed & Reducing Garden compost. Maintain comfortable until organized. Sow seed at 66-75 F (19-24 C) when ripe