Learn about the plant

Rhapis is a Genus of 12 species of very little, group-stemmed hands found in unethical warm and subtropical woodland from S. China to S.E.Asia. Rhapis (Tiny Young lady Palm) is the most excellent choice for tiny areas. Use Rhapis excelsa (Bamboo Palm) being a house herb. The foliage with this Palm is 8-12 in. long, composed of 3 to 10 narrow, glossy, fairly puckered lobes inside a supporter creation. In maturity, it types sections of thin, reedy stems. These high-priced supporter palms have several Reed- or bamboolike trunks, through which sprout enormously environmentally friendly palmate fronds. Often used as a container or tub vegetation, Woman Hands are developed as sections in lawns or hedges in southern California and the south part of Fl. Tiny berry-like many fruits stick to Their yellow blooms. Water regularly in the developing year, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Reduce water in other cases. Remove yellow-colored or washed-out results. Clean off dusty marks or scrub with water.

Plant growth conditions

Typical ambiance. Good indirect light-weight is a suitable place. Develop in soilless potting mix.

Garden compost should be stored moist at all times and never able to dry. Misting is necessary.

Plant reproduction

Sow seed at 81 F (27 C) in springtime, or divide.