Chamaedorea: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Chamaedorea is a genus of approximately 100 varieties of mainly tiny palms from the rainforest in Mexico and Main and South America. Hardy bamboo palm forms sections of thinner stems as much as 8′ in level. Papery matte finish off results in are established sparsely all around the stalks. These pinnate simply leaves are as much as 2 ft long, and so are made from leaflets (about 8″ very long by 1″ vast) affixed down the midrib. A drooping inflorescence seems in the summertime. Men and women blooms are borne on separate vegetation. Woman blossoms are accompanied by the fruit, which are dazzling orange fruits about 1/4″ in size. These light the shade back garden since they dangle in drooping clusters in the stylish stems. Reasonable drought amount of resistance.

Plant growth conditions

Typical warmness. Good indirect light-weight will be the proper area. Expand in a soilless potting combine—typical warmness. Excellent indirect lighting may be the appropriate spot. Expand in the soilless planting mix.
Compost has to be stored moistened all the time and never permitted to dry. Misting is important.

Plant reproduction

Grow refreshing seed in spring at not under 77 F (25 C). It can germinate in 1 to 2 months – outdated seeds might take much longer. It is also propagated by the department of sections.