Chlorophytum: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Chlorophytum is a genus around 250 types of time tested, rhizomatous perennials with fibrous or fleshy roots, from many different habitats in South Africa and W. Africa. Chlorophytum is among the most widely used of most house plants. Spider Plant varieties long athletes are having plantlets that are best shown inside a hanging container. Best progress takes place in medium-sized lighting intensity and any perfect potting garden soil. Maintain the earth moderately moist and temperatures above 45 levels. Suitable temperatures are between 55 and 70 qualifications. Plantlets type when spider grows obtains short days and nights and very long, continuous evenings for around three weeks. After three weeks, the plant might be moved into an area that is lit up later in the day. Heavily fertilized plant life might not precisely type several plantlets. Various societal or environmental factors probably make the browning of the leaf ideas.

Plant growth conditions

Common warmness in summer season – lowest 45F in the wintertime. Brightly lit up spot far from sunshine.

Maintain garden compost moist whatsoever time. Reduce watering in winter. Misting is important in the summertime.

Plant reproduction

Separate vegetation or peg down plantlets in rich compost – cut stems when rooted. Sow seed at (64-68 F, 18-20 C) in early spring.