Learn about the plant

Spathiphyllum is a genus of 36 species of rhizomatous, evergreen perennials developing in damp tropical woodland in Indonesia, the Philippines, and tropical Northern, Central, and Latin America. Spathiphyllum (The Tranquility Lily) needs warmth and a moist atmosphere. There have to be no frosty draughts, and the cooking pot needs to be in the middle of moistened peat or withstood with a pebble dash. In spring and sometimes again in the autumn months, the blooms seem. White flowers change soft eco-friendly with age. All parts in the plants and flowers might cause minor belly distressed if taken in, and contact together with the sap may upset your skin layer.

Plant growth conditions

Everyday warmth in the summertime – bare minimum 60F in winter.Semi-shade or bright light. Keep well from direct sunlight.
Water sparingly in the winter months. Throughout the entire year, h2o thoroughly. Misting is important.

Plant reproduction

Particular herb in the winter months or soon after flowering. Sow seed at 73-81 F (23-27 C) once ripe, or perhaps in early spring, on sphagnum moss