Achimenes: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction


Learn about the plant

Achimenes is Genus around 25 types of winter-inactive, rhizomatous perennials happening in subtropical woodland in Mexico and Main United states. Achimenes tend to be grown in holding storage containers. These thin-stemmed plants and flowers call for staking if developed in a box where upright expansion is wanted.

Plant growth conditions

The plant should fit a minimum temperature of 13 ° C during the growing season. The plant grows in a lighted place away from sunlight in the summer.

You must maintain compost moisture at all times during the growing season. Sprinkle water around the plant without making the leaves get wet.

Plant reproduction

Separate the rhizomes at the beginning of spring season and grow 5 or 6 within a compost-filled container – set up them 1/2-1 in below the area. Grow can be elevated from early spring-sown seed. Consider stem cuttings in early spring.