Agapanthus: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction


Learn about the plant

Agapanthus is a genus around ten types of perennials, a number of them evergreen, from S. Africa. There are no issues to increase Agapanthus. Just move it to your frost-free of charge space in the wintertime. There it is going to will need minimal water until early spring. In spring, it should be helped bring back to a highly-lit up place and started into growth by irrigating and serving.

Plant growth conditions

Regular warmness. Maintain awesome (40-60F) in winter. Choose the sunniest location accessible.
Garden compost must be maintained moistened all the time through the developing year. Water sparingly in the winter months. Misting is not required.

Plant reproduction

Split plant life during early spring every 4-five years. Sow seed at 55-59 F (13-15 C) when ripe or in springtime. Seedlings will flower in 2-three years.