Capsicum: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Capsicum is a genus of about ten types of erect or dispersing, a lot of of-branched annuals and perennials from wasteland and lowland forest margins in spectacular North and Latin America. Decorative Pepper is cultivated due to its ornamental fruit, especially in the Christmas season. Grow them completely sun and then in a bit of good planting dirt. Prevent over-irrigating, the plants could be bushier if continued the dry aspect. Gentle fertilization keeps the leaves from yellowing but avoids over-fertilization. The plant life can be pinched as essential to ensure they are bushy. When plant life has fruited, they could be thrown away. The many fruits really should not be ingested as a result of hotness or available pesticide apps. Frosty temperature ranges lead to yellowing and dropping of foliage.

Plant growth conditions

Hot – minimal 60F in the wintertime. As much light as is possible. The tone from warm, direct sunlight. Grow in an earth-structured potting mixture.
Always keep rich compost damp at all times – reduce watering during winter. Mist simply leaves at times.

Plant reproduction

Consider come cuttings in spring or sow seed at 70 F (21 C) at the end of wintertime.