Clivia: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Clivia is a genus of 4 types of time tested perennials from low-being untruthful woodland, frequently by streams, in South Africa. Clivia demands room. It needs wintertime to relax – an unheated area, no fertilizer, and only enough normal water to stop wilting. Do not shift the cooking pot while in bud or blossom and do not repot unless the grow is pushing out from the compartment.

Plant growth conditions

Maintain the grow comfortable – bare minimum 45 F in winter. Brilliant lighting – avoid straight sunlight after in the summertime.

Water moderately from springtime to autumn. Water sparingly in the wintertime until the stalk is 4-5 in. Higher. Misting is essential.


Plant reproduction

Break down vegetation in later winter season or early on spring season. Sow seed at 61-70 F (16-21 C) the moment ripe.