Erica: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Genus of around 700 types of prostrate to tree-like, evergreen shrubs from wet moorland to dried out heathland in Europe, temperate Africa, and mild W. and C. Parts of Asia. The Ericas are little shrubby plant life. Their tiny results in and masses of bell-molded blossoms are eye-catching. However, these plant life will provide disappointing generates a centrally warmed up space. In hot, dry out oxygen, the leaves decrease very swiftly, so only select an Erica for display in winter whenever you can offer a great and well-lit place. Erica requires an acid solution for garden soil. In the event, the earth will not be sufficiently acid, the plants are unable to soak up metal. Never use challenging normal water and be sure the compost is rarely allowed to dry out.

Plant growth conditions

Moderate heat. Maintain amazing in the wintertime – bare minimum 45-50 F. Well-lit but far from direct sunlight. Expand in well-exhausted, acid garden soil.

Keep garden compost damp always. Mist leaves occasionally.

Plant reproduction

Take semi-ripe to originate cuttings in the summer season.