Hippeastrum: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Hippeastrum is a genus of around 80 species of bulbous perennials from Main and Latin America. Hippeastrum usually is wrongly identified as Amarillis. Both vegetations create clusters of trumpet-like flowers on stout stalks—Hippeastrum blossoms in the winter months or springtime (and real Amaryllis blossoms in the fall).

Plant growth conditions

Regular warmness – minimum 55 F during winter. Well-lit but far from sunshine.

Maintain garden compost wet all the time from springtime to fall – normal water moderately in the wintertime—sponge foliage from time to time.

Plant reproduction

Detach offsets from older plants in the summertime. Sow seed at 61-64 F (16-18 C) when ripe. Maintain seedlings are growing without a dormant period to encourage early flowering.