Jatropha: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Jatropha is a genus of approximately 170 types of succulent perennials and evergreen shrubs, rarely trees and shrubs, from dry or semi-damp aspects of South Africa, Madagascar, spectacular Northern, Core and South America, and also the West Indies. Just one single variety is grown like a property plant – Jatropha Podagrica. Jatropha (Australian Container Plant) is a succulent tropical bush, to around 18 “, stalks inflamed and knobby, with bristled scarring foliage orbicular-ovate, peltate, very long-petioled, to 12 in. Over, significantly 3-5 lobed with obtuse sinuses cymes terminal, very long-peduncled, pedicels reddish colored flowers little, coral-red. Fruits and sap are harmful.

Plant growth conditions

Medium heat in summer season – minimum 60 F in winter—brightly lit place. Always keep well clear of sunshine.

Always keep garden compost wet consistently but never waterlogged. Lessen irrigating in the wintertime. Use gentle, tepid water. Misting is needed.

Plant reproduction

Get stem cuttings in the spring season. Make use of a rooting hormonal agent and give base temperature.