Persea: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Persia is a genus of approximately 150 varieties of fragile-branched, evergreen trees and shrubs from well-emptied soils to swamps of S.E. Asian countries, Micronesia, and warm and subtropical North and South America. An Avocado Tree (Persea Americana) can be grown quite quickly from your huge rock throughout the fresh fruits – after a couple of years, you should have huge-leaved vegetation about 3 feet large – developed from scratch with your fingers. Force the blunt conclusion in the gemstone right into a container that contains a multi-purpose garden compost – depart the directed finish exposed. Always keep cozy (65 F) till the foliage appear – stay awesome in the wintertime. Report annually – pinch out suggestions to promote bushiness.

Plant growth conditions

Natural warmth in summer – lowest 50 F in the wintertime. Vividly lit up location. Maintain well away from sunlight.

Keep garden compost wet always but never waterlogged. Reduce watering in the wintertime. Use delicate, lukewarm drinking water. Misting is essential.


Plant reproduction

Sow seed at 55-60 F (13-16 C) when ripe. Germination might take 4-half a year. Take greenwood cuttings during the early summer season.