Pilea: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Pilea is a genus of about 600 varieties of erect or creeping, semi-succulent annuals and evergreen perennials, occasionally woody on the foundation, located in rainforest throughout exotic regions worldwide, besides Melbourne. The many species of Pilea (Aluminium Grow) expand very best in an east side window or perhaps a moderate-lighting power. In the south windows, protection from the sun is required. Retain the garden soil moderately damp and use a property vegetation fertilizer based on tag guidelines. The plants and flowers are intolerant of lower dampness. Ideal temperature ranges are 62 to 65 F during the night or higher to 85 F in the daytime.

Plant growth conditions

Typical warmth in summer – the least 60 F in winter. Brightly lighted place. Keep well clear of direct sunlight—increase in soilless planting mixture.

Maintain compost wet regularly but never waterlogged. Minimize flooding in the wintertime. Use smooth, lukewarm normal water. Misting is important.

Plant reproduction

Acquire some cuttings in the springtime/summer season. Sow seed at 66-75 F (19-24 C) in springtime.