Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum: Acanthaceae

Learn about the plant

Pseuderanthemum is a genus around 60 types of time tested perennials, subshrubs, and shrubs from woodland habitats in tropical territories worldwide. Pseuderanthemum is produced for the brightly-shaded leaves. However, its crimson-eyed white-colored blooms in late summer and spring are beautiful. The upright stems keep oval leaves. This vegetation demands substantial humidness – it belongs in a conservatory or grows windowpane instead of inside the living room area.

Plant growth conditions

The grow needs aa typical or higher-average warmth in summertime. Keep fairy great in winter – minimal temp 60 F or 18 C. Bright gentle – steer clear of immediate direct sunlight.

Water from spring to fall – sparingly. In the wintertime, do not allow to dry out. Use tepid normal water. Mist frequently foliage, especially in warm weather.

Consider semi-ripe stem cuttings in the spring season. Use a rooting hormonal and provide the bottom part head.

Erect, open shrub with ovate to broadly elliptic leaves, 4-6in (10-15cm) long, bronze-purple, splashed and suffused creamy yellow and pink, and bears pink flowers.

Plant reproduction

Erect and available shrub with ovate to broadly elliptic results in, 4-6in (10-15cm) lengthy, bronze-purple, splashed and suffused foamy yellow and pink, and bears pinkish blooms.