Learn about the plant

Solanum is a Genus of about 1400 type of annuals, biennials, herbaceous perennials, time tested, semi-evergreen, deciduous shrubs, trees and shrubs, and twining climbers from aa variety of habitats worldwide. Solanum Pseudo-Capsicum, the Jerusalem Cherry or Christmas Cherry, is definitely an elaborate potted plant for your property or greenhouse. They have dark green shoots and little, oblong leaves. It produces small, white-colored flowers in the summertime, combined with roundish scarlet or yellowish berries, around 1 inch in size. These fruits are harmful. Early on, leaf slip usually implies overwatering – decreasing fruits show too little lighting or a warm, dried up the atmosphere.

Plant growth conditions

The everyday ambiance in the summer season – minimum 55F in the winterwinter months. Brightly lit up location. Always keep well away from sunshine. Expand in soil-based planting combine.

Always keep garden compost wet at all times but never waterlogged. Reduce watering during winter. Use smooth, tepid normal water. Misting is important


Plant reproduction

Consider originating cutting in the spring season. Sow grain at 64-68 F (18-20 C) in spring.