Learn about the plant

Strelitzia can be a genus of approximately five species of clump-generating, evergreen perennials have seen in environments including riverbanks, to open up glades within the bush of South Africa. Parrot of Haven is just not quickly grown. It may get quite large, and it is not easy to access rose. Offer brilliant gentle, and well-drained soil. Enable the plant to free of moisture slightly between waterings but give far more normal water in summertime and fewer in winter. Growing the grow outdoors through the summertime increases the chance of blooming. Suitable temperature ranges are 75 F in the daytime and 60 F at nighttime. The plant does most OK when potbound. The blooms usually can be found in springtime. It requires patience (new plants and flowers take 4-6 many years before flowering commences) and room (mature plants in a 10 in. container expand 3-4 feet great) but is surprisingly easy to develop.

Plant growth conditions

Regular warmth in summer – minimum 55F in winter.Vividly illuminated spot. Continue to keep well away from sunlight. Grow in large boxes in garden soil-dependent planting blend.
Continue to keep the compost moist at all times but never waterlogged. Lessen irrigating in the winter months. Use soft, tepid water. Misting is essential.

Plant reproduction

Split plants and flowers at repotting time. Sow seed at 64-70 F (18-21 C) in springtime. Seed-brought-up vegetation may take three or more years to floral.