Learn about the plant

Goosefoot Herb will be the spectacular alternation in leaf shape that takes place as they grow older. The fresh leaves are arrow-designed and borne on erect stalks. At this point, the variegation is boldest and smartest. With time, the stems acquire a scaling practice and desire assistance – concurrently, the foliage comes to be 3- or 5-lobed or pedate. Typically the most popular type is Syngonium Podophyllum. Numerous kinds can be found. All parts may cause gentle stomach irritation if ingested, and contact with the sap may aggravate your skin.

Plant growth conditions

Regular warmness in summer – minimum 60F in the winter months.Semi-tone or vibrant light. Continue to keep well away from direct sunlight. Grow in soilless planting blend.
Water sparingly in the winter months. Throughout the entire year, water extensively. Misting is important. Never work with a coarse squirt.

Plant reproduction

n spring or summertime, container up basal shoots by incorporating results in and roots affixed. Airflow layering is undoubtedly an alternative.