Aglaonema plant

Aglaonema: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction


Learn about the plant

Genus of around 20 types of usually rhizomatous, time tested perennials from exotic forests in Asian countries. The leaf-cutting blades are borne on long, sheathing leaf stalks from the central developing point. The aglaonemas (the Chinese Evergreen) are cultivated for his or her large and colorful foliage. Aglaonemas put up with some color, but near-bright white types want a well-lighted area. In winter, it will require a cozy and damp atmosphere.

Plant growth conditions

Average warmth in summer – bare minimum 60F during winter.Semi-hue or dazzling light. Maintain well away from sunshine. Develop in the dirt-centered or soilless potting mixture.

Water sparingly during winter. Irrigate the plant regularly For the remainder of the year: normal water extensively. Misting is important. Never use a coarse squirt.


Plant reproduction

Pot up basal shoots with a few simple leaves and origins attached. Atmosphere layering is a choice. Cuttings could be rooted in garden soil or normal water at any moment.