Cymbidium: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Cymbidium is a genus of around 50 types of time tested, epiphytic, lithophytic, or terrestrials orchids from temperate and warm places in India, Chinese suppliers, Japan, S.E.Parts of Asia, and Modern Australia. They have got spherical to elongated pseudobulbs and 8-10 lengthy, narrowly oval to linear, gentle to the middle of-green leaves. Plants are borne in racemes from the bases, mostly in early spring. Sizeable blooms collected into very long, straight, or slightly curved inflorescences. Blooming will last a couple of weeks. In cuttings, the grow stays fresh a few weeks. In the spring cymbidiums want to be shifted from entry doors the moment the night time heat will probably be in the mid 40’s or higher and not keep coming back in until aa mild frost, very gentle, in the slip. It is precious, if functional, to take the cymbidiums in when frost is probably then put them back out whether it warms up. Crucial for initiation of spikes is helpful to heat differential from nighttime to the working day. This could be achieved during the summer by sprinkling the results inside the late afternoon or early night time for evaporative cooling down. In case the nighttime conditions are incredibly excellent, the spikes are just not going to produce. Most Small Cymbidiums do best throughout the wintertime having the most significant evening temperature of 55°F while Standard Cymbidiums want the highest nighttime heat of 50°F.

Plant growth conditions

Increase in the orchid potting mixture for terrestrial orchids. In the winter months, stay in relatively frosty temp(around 50 degrees), without a great deal of h2o. In spring and summer, the plants and flowers need a pretty great temp (60-65 degrees), plentiful drinking water, damp ambiance, clean air, and many lights (with little shading on hot sun-drenched time). When planting, it is essential not to bury the lower stem, but to go out of it above the top of the mixture.

Water moderately in the summertime, moderately in the winter months. Mist a couple of times per day.

Plant reproduction

Break down in spring, or remove backbulbs and pot up after flowering.