Amorphophallus: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction


Learn about the plant

Amorphophallus is a genus of 90-100 types of perennials, with corm-like rhizomes, from damp, shaded environments in exotic Africa and Asian countries. An unconventional, quick increasing herb. Once the bulb starts to develop, it appears like your backyard snake: umbrella-like leaves and multiple-colored trunk area. Excellent patio vegetation.

Plant growth conditions

Plant dormant tubers 4 in (10 cm) serious at the end of wintertime or early on springtime. Develop in soil-based potting blend big box, in filtered light. Overwinter tubers in a comfortable, scarcely moistened situation (you can remove the vegetation from the vessel).

Plant reproduction

Irrigate freely while in development. Lessen watering when the foliage dies downward.