Ananas: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction


Learn about the plant

Ananas is a genus of 5 or 6 varieties of time tested, terrestrial perennials (bromeliads) from Latin America. Most types of Ananas (Pineapple) create pinkish blossom-heads which are together with tiny aromatic. Still, inedible fresh fruits in the event the plant life and blossoms happen to be maintained under secure and moist scenarios. But pineapples tend to be produced for his or her leaves – Ananas comosus is just too big for that living area.


Plant growth conditions

The everyday warmth is 18C. Provide as much gentle as you can. Develop in terrestrial bromeliad potting mix.

Never overwater, and be sure that there is useful discharge. Keep the core ‘vase’ filled up with water – use rainwater in hard drinking water areas. Misting is essential in summer.

Plant reproduction

Offsets look with the bottom of the herb. If the counteract is many months outdated, take it off with many beginnings linked and grass shallowly in Seed & Decreasing garden compost. Always keep warm until the place. Or carefully sever the leafy rosette on top of the fruit, allow it a couple of days to callus, then cause it within a barely moistened combination of peat and sand, in indirect lighting at 70 F (21 C)