asparagus: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction


Learn about the plant

Asparagus is a genus of about 300 varieties of evergreen and deciduous perennials, climbers, and subshrubs from sandy and coast sites in The European countries, Parts of Asia, and Africa. Asparagus Ferns are developed concerning their foliage. However, they are not ferns, as well as the ‘leaves’ are very needle-like divisions. Asparagus is a natural plant to increase – expand it as a trailer in hanging baskets

Plant growth conditions

Typical ambiance – minimum 50F through the night.Semi-hue or bright light. Continue to keep well clear of sunlight. Expand in soil-structured potting mix.
Normal water sparingly during winter. For the remainder of the year, water the plant carefully. Misting is necessary. Never make use of a coarse spray.

Plant reproduction

Divide the plant at any season. Sow seed at (16 C) in the fall or early spring.