Calathea: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Genus of around 300 species of time tested, rhizomatous perennials located in moist forest margins in tropical Central and South America, and the To the west Indies. The Calateas are developed about their ornate foliage, but there is an exclusion. Calathea plant has quite natural leaves, and it is purchased for its screen of erect orange-red plants.

The Calatheas are hard to look after. In specialist palms, they can be grown as found specimens however are much more suitable for the terrarium or container backyard garden.

Plant growth conditions

Natural hot. Great indirect light is the correct spot – an eastern- or north-facing windowsill is good. Develop in the soilless or dirt-centered potting blend.

Compost must be kept wet all the time rather than allowed to dry. Misting is essential.

Plant reproduction

The best way is to devide the vegetation during the early early spring.