Calliandra: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Genus around 200 varieties of time tested perennials, shrubs, and modest bushes W. Africa, Madagascar, India, and spectacular and subtropical North and South America, seen in free of moisture web sites at woodland margins. Foliage finely split into tiny leaflets. Blossom clusters flashy as a result of numerous and conspicuous reddish colored stamens. The flowering time of the year will last for 6-8 days in the winter months. Make it pruned to 2-3 feet, by shaping in the spring season. Calliandra requires lighting, warmness, and a moist atmosphere.

Plant growth conditions

The Warm for the plant is minimal 60F during winter. Calliandra requires light as much as possible. It also involves Shade from hot direct sunlight. It would be best if you misted leaves frequently.

Always keep garden compost moistened at all times – reduce watering in the winter months.

Plant reproduction

Consider semi-ripe originate cuttings in spring and summer. Utilize a rooting hormonal and supply underside heating. Sow seed at (61-64 F 16-18 C) in spring. Level in springtime