Costus: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Costus is a genus of around 90 types of mostly clump-creating, rhizomatous perennials by having an open, lax practice, located on forest surfaces in warm Africa, Parts of Asia, Melbourne, and North, Key, and South America. Costus is vegetation for aa greenhouse or conservatory. The foliage is enormous, plus they spiral around the originate. The blooms show up in late spring season – they can be colorful but simple-existed. Costus has a sleeping period in winter.

Plant growth conditions

Typical warmness. Keep cool (10-15C or 50-60F) in the winter months. Choose a well-lit place – several hours of sun rays daily is beneficial.

Water liberally from spring to later the autumn months. H2o sparingly in the winter months. Mist foliage routinely.

Plant reproduction

Get stem cuttings in early spring. Sow seed at 68 F (20 C) the moment ripe