Datura: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Datura is a genus of 5 varieties of time tested shrubs and trees and shrubs located in the rub and along streamsides from S. The US to Latin America. Angel’s Trumpet is so known as mainly because it produces big, trumpet-shaped blooms that dangle from your limbs. More prominent sorts can be used as a short-term hedge. Grow the plant completely sun. All parts of your vegetation are highly toxic if ingested.

Plant growth conditions

Natural warmth in the summertime – bare minimum of 50 F in the winter months. Brightly lit area clear of sunshine. Grow in the garden soil-based potting mixture.

Continue to keep compost moistened by any means time. Minimize watering in the winter months. Misting is needed.

Plant reproduction

Get semi-ripe to originate cuttings in spring or summer. Sow seed at 61 F (16 C) during early springtime.