Davallia: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Datura is a genus of 34 sorts of mostly epiphytic ferns, discovered by channels or on stones in W. Mediterranian. Davallia is usually utilized in a holding basket. Many of this vegetation has creeping stalks that can be engrossed in silvery white-colored, brown, or black fuzzy scales that appear like tiny paws. They have got finely divided up fronds that climb right from the sneaking stems and can differ in size from 6 in . to 6 ft. The tropical kinds of this fern want a minimal temp of 55 F. Grow Davallia canariensis (carrot-like leaves) or perhaps the more significant but less hardy Davallia regenesis.

Plant growth conditions

Regular warmness in the summertime – bare minimum 50 F in the winter months. Brightly lighted location far from sunshine.

Continue to keep rich compost damp by any means time. Decrease irrigating during winter. Misting is essential.

Plant reproduction

Separate vegetation in early spring. Sow spores the moment ripe at (70 F 21 C)