Dischidia: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Dischidia is a genus around 80 species of trailing-scandent, epiphytic herbaceous perennials, from W. Asia to W. Pacific.

As myrmecophilous or ant-adoring plants, several Dischidias are particularly exciting. Ants live in the higher, often hollow only leaves, utilizing them as nurseries for their youthful so when junk dumps—the vegetation benefit from the ants’ fractional water and waste elements.

Dischidias also carry little blossoms. Excellent in a terrarium.

Plant growth conditions

An increase in epiphytic bromeliad adds bright filtered light-weight. Keep potbound—minimum temperature 55F (13C).
Normal water freely, mist frequently, foliar-fertilize.

Plant reproduction

Acquire semi-ripe cuttings and increase inside a shaded, shut down case with mild underside heating, or level.