Dionaea: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

 Dionaea is a Genus of just one species of insectivorous traditional found in bogs in coast parts of North and South Carolina. Dionaea muscipula (Venus Fly Capture) is the most spectacular insectivore in their action. This carnivorous grow employs a lively metallic trap system. Trigger hair internally lobes from the snare should be triggered twice in succession (or two several hairs on the same leaf) for the traps to close. Closure of your capture takes place in about 1/30 second completely sunshine. Fantastic conditions and gloomy weather conditions will gradually develop the snare mechanism down considerably. The leaf perishes after capturing four bugs in succession. Traps caused by non-prey will re-available within one day. Marginally frost hardy, grow in damp, acid garden soil 100 % sun. Pinching out emerging floral stalks and taking away old traps will inspire new traps to develop.

Plant growth conditions

The typical ambiance in summertime – minimal 40 F in winter. The brightly lighted location from sunlight. Expand in acidic planting blend a terrarium or in a bog garden.

Maintain garden compost damp whatsoever time. Reduce watering during winter. Misting is important. Use rainwater.

Plant reproduction

Propagate from seed or leaf cuttings or by the department in early spring. Sow seed at (50-55 F,10-13 C) in the spring season. Put the box in the drinking water dish to hold the planting mixture wet. Germination is very slow-moving.