Impatiens: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Genus of approximately 850 types of erect annuals and time tested perennials and subshrubs located in a vast assortment of often moist environments, close to streams, lakes, or woodland, all through exotic and cozy-mild areas (except New Zealand, Australia, and S. America). Impatiens are increasingly popular as being a residence grows for decades and slicing essential very quickly along with the plants and flowers will, with proper care, blossom almost all year long. This non-quit blooming behavior is the reason behind its common name – Occupied Lizzie. Occupied Lizzies usually are not challenging to develop; however, they will need regular attention. Crunch out your recommendations of young plants many times to guarantee bushy plants and flowers – prune fully developed plant life each early spring. Give regularly during the growing season and supply venting on warm time.

Plant growth conditions

Natural warmth in summer – lowest 55F in winter.Brilliantly illuminated area. Always keep well from sunshine. Increase in soilless or dirt-centered potting mixture.

Continue to keep compost wet at all times but never waterlogged. Lessen irrigating during winter. Use smooth, tepid normal water. Misting is necessary.

Plant reproduction

Take original cuttings in springtime. Sow seed at 61-64 F (16-18 C) in early spring.