Medinilla: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Medinilla is a genus of around 150 species of evergreen shrubs and scandent climbers, some epiphytic, from the rainforest in spectacular Africa, S.E.Asian countries, and also the Pacific.

Medinilla magnifica may be the only varieties grown to be a houseplant. This erect bush to 6 feet (1.8 m) large is often located being an epiphyte within its Philippine homeland. Its stems can be ribbed as well as winged, and its rich, smooth green foliage develop to about 12in (30cm) very long and get apparent paler veins. Its little pink blooms are produced throughout spring and summer in very long pendulous panicles to 18 in (45 cm) these are produced even more evident due to big pink bracts attached to the floral clusters.

Plant growth conditions

Grow in unique, moist, nicely-drained, humus-abundant garden soil to some extent-tone. Medinilla is not going to endure wintertime minimums below 64°F (18°C). Keep away from the straight sun.

Water and supply well in the developing season. Irrigate sparingly in winter. Mist leaves frequently, or stand container with a pebble tray. Do not allow the earth to dry out.

Plant reproduction

Acquire come cuttings in spring. Utilize a rooting hormonal and offer bottom part temperature. Sow seed