Mimosa: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Mimosa is a Genus of around 400 varieties of annuals, evergreen perennials, shrubs, and tiny trees, from woodland to free of moisture savanna in tropical regions throughout the world. Mimosa folds up its leaves when handled or exposed to a fire. At nighttime, the leaves fold naturally. The plant takes a method lighting publicity, an evenly wet soil, and temps between 60 and 85 F. Use caution when dealing with seedlings as being the vegetation disfavors essential disturbance. Mimosa could be challenging to grow, which is sensitive to over-watering. The tennis ball-like pinkish floral-heads presents itself through the summertime.

Plant growth conditions

Cozy – minimal 60F in the wintertime. Just as much gentle as possible. Shade from warm sunshine. Grow in earth-dependent planting mixture.

Maintain compost wet all the time – minimize watering in the wintertime months. Mist foliage frequently.

Plant reproduction

Sow seed at (64-75 F,18-24 C) in spring—necessary softwood cuttings with bottom warmth during the early summer.