Pachystachys: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Genus of 12 varieties of time tested perennials and shrubs, from woodland or rainforest inside the Western side Indies and warm Central and Latin America. Pachystachys bears cone-designed rose-heads higher than the oblong leaves. The blooming months are from the later spring season until autumn. Prune this shrubby plant early in the year. The come suggestions that happen to be taken away can be used cuttings. Pachystachys lutea grows about 1,5 feet high.

Plant growth conditions

Regular heat in summer – lowest 55F in the wintertime—vibrantly lighted location. Continue to keep well clear of sunshine.

Maintain rich compost always moistened but never waterlogged. Lessen irrigating during winter. Use soft, tepid drinking water. Misting is needed.

Plant reproduction

Cut down the softwood root in spring or summer.