Learn about the plant

Saxifraga can be a genus of around 440 varieties of mostly mat- or pillow-generating, evergreen, semi-evergreen, deciduous perennials, and biennials, as well as some annuals, mostly from mountain ranges from the N. hemisphere. The genus Saxifraga consists of several backyard plant life. These are typically lower-increasing plants, many of which generally do better where summers are more relaxed. Provide well-emptied soil plus a growing location open to sunshine or part shade. The fantastic attribute is extended, thinner, reduced joggers that keep small vegetation at their ends. Clusters of little blossoms show up in the summer season. These plants increase about 9 in. substantial, and the pendant runners can get to 2-3 ft.

Plant growth conditions

Typical heat in the summertime – a minimum of 50 F in winter. Brightly lit up the place. Keep well away from sunlight.

Keep rich compost damp at all times but never soggy. Lessen watering in the wintertime. Use soft, tepid water. Misting is necessary.

Plant reproduction

Peg down plantlets in unique compost – cut stem when rooted. Sow seed in the autumn months.