Learn about the plant

Scindapsus is a genus of about 25 types of time tested root climbers from S. and S.E Asia and Brazilia. The most popular kinds, known as Scindapsus aureus, have another botanical name – Epipremnum aureum. Scindapsus is a climber with aerial beginnings – a moss stick tends to make ideal help. The stems are often capable of training coming from a hanging basket or wall surface display. Keep the vegetation well far from draughts

Plant growth conditions

Regular warmness in summertime – bare minimum 60F during winter.Semi-shade or brilliant light-weight. Always keep well from direct sunlight.

Water sparingly during winter. For the rest of the year, h2o completely. Misting is essential. Never make use of a coarse spray.

Plant reproduction

Use stem cuttings for the reproduction of Scindapsus.