Liriope: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Genus of 5-6 varieties of tufted, rhizomatous and tuberous, evergreen or semi-evergreen perennials, seen in usually acidic woodland environments in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. They have arching, linear, lawn-like significant leaves, creating dense sections or mats. Modest, ovoid to spherical flowers, opening up only slightly, are clustered in short, dense spikes or racemes, and so are followed by black fruits.

Plant growth conditions

Expand in high states, at 50-60 F (10-14 C). Develop in the well-emptied soilless planting mix. Liriope is tolerant of the whole tone.

Continue to keep rich compost wet at all times but never waterlogged. Reduce irrigating in the wintertime.

Plant reproduction

Sow seed or divide in the spring season.