Oncidium: Identification, plant Growth and reproduction

Learn about the plant

Oncidium is a genus of over 450 varieties of evergreen, terrestrial, epiphytic, present in Mexico, Central United States, Latin America, and the West Indies. The flowers are spurless and often have wings on either side of the stigma, and it has a footless column that has the basal part of the lip attached. It has two hard pollinia attached to a stipe connected to a viscidium. The flowers are typically yellow, with prominent lips. Furthermore, they are produced in short or tall racemes or panicles from the bases of the plants.

Plant growth conditions

Cold- to Intermediate-increasing orchid. Develop compact kinds in planting pots of the epiphytic orchid potting combine. Stay away from primary sunshine except very early on or past due inside the working day. Time Temp 70° – 80° F, Nighttime Temperatures 60° F.

Throughout the developing year, mist day-to-day and water readily. Continue to keep oncidiums with huge pseudobulbs dried up in winter. People that have tiny pseudobulbs, or none, require irrigating all calendar year.

Plant reproduction

Break down as soon as the vegetation overflow their boxes, or eliminate backbulbs.