Learn about the plant

Sansevieria is a genus of approximately 60 types of stemless, xerophytic rhizomatous, time tested perennials from dried up, difficult habitats in spectacular and subtropical Africa, Madagascar, India, Indonesia, and South FlFl. Sansevieria is an easy-to-grow plant. This plant is referred to as Mom-in-Law’s Mouth in great britan and Snakeskin Grow in america. It would expand in dazzling sunshine or hue, stand up to dried out oxygen, draughts and periods without h2o, and it also rarely requirements repotting. Nonetheless, it can be quite easily killed by prolonged overwatering in the winter months and prolonged exposure to near cold temperatures.

Plant growth conditions

Typical heat in summertime – minimal 55F in the winter months—vividly lit location. Keep well far from sunlight.

Keep rich compost constantly moistened but never waterlogged. Decrease irrigating in the winter winter months.

Plant reproduction

Get leaf cuttings in springtime or break down plant life. Young from variegated cultivars will deficiency variegation if raised from leaf cuttings.